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We have an exclusive All Risks scheme with Chubb Insurance Co (Europe) Ltd, one of the leading insurers in the entertainment industry in the world.

Chubb have the following claims rating in the Insurance Market click here

Chubb have underwritten this scheme for over 20 years and coupled with Williamsons Carson’s experience in the photography industry provides a strength and empathy for photographers unmatched by any other policy / insurer.

We are also able to offer large discounts for AOP, BIPP and members of other photographic associations with proven standards for members.

Key covers on All Risks Policy
• Includes Accidental Damage Cover
• New for Old Policy
• 45 days cover overseas free of charge
• Automatic Equipment Hire Cover, whilst claim being dealt with
• Includes cover in vehicles
• Includes cover in Aircraft Holds
• Includes damage by Airline Staff / Baggage Handlers